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I am a spiritual teacher, counselor and writer. Born as an Indigo child in Amsterdam in 1949, I felt like a displaced person all through my youth. This sense of being an outsider, combined with a curiosity about psychic experiences after a near death experience I had as a boy, motivated me to search for the essential meaning of life.

As a natural teacher I taught art in high school for seven years before starting as a moderator and workshop trainer for adults in various walks of life. Later I studied Psychosynthesis, Applied Psychology and Regression Therapy. My first source of inspiration was Krishnamurti, whom I visited on a few occasions. Next came the writings of Roberto Assagioli and Hans ten Dam, to name only a few. For ten years I was a Sufi Dervish in the order of Mevlana Rumi in the Netherlands. Rumi really sparked a light in my heart and that light never waned. In the last nine years before my retirement I ran a small Day Care Centre for psychiatric patients from my own house.

Ever since my near death experience as a boy of ten, I have received clairvoyant impressions. I never spoke about them and  I deliberately chose to suppress some of them, because I misinterpretated them and they made me feel uncomfortable. Since I set up practice as a therapist in 1996 I have noticed an increase in my clairvoyant capacities and I have developed clairsentience and clairaudience as well. My training as a regression and past-life therapist felt like coming home; finally all my experiences made sense.

I am now a father of three and a happy grandfather. A great love for people and a passion for learning are continuous sources of wonder and delight. I wrote two books in Dutch, published in 2011 and 2013. I am currently writing in English.

Until November 2015 I wrote a weekly blog (in English) for the website www.Conscious2.com. Since this website stopped its blog section in December, I have occasionally posted a new  blog on the Facebook page souldialogues. Here you can also find all previous blogs.Click on the Facebook icon below to find all blogs.

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