Is it all in your head?

 Inexplicable health issues

Maybe you are one of the thousands of people who has paid numerous visits to doctors to finally hear that you are not ill; it is all your head! The doctor probably suggested to go and see a psychiatrist. Meanwhile your body is definitely not functioning, you may be in agony and things are not improving. Being told to go and see a psychiatrist feels like an extra blow; you are now officially disqualified as a normal human being. Seeing a psychiatrist may help you to accept your body again (usually after many years), or it may not.

In a few hours a soul dialogue can easily reveal  whether your complaints have a bodily origin or whether their origin is not in your body, nor in your head, but in your soul. Surprisingly often we suffer from pains and diseases that crop up in this lifetime while their origin lies in a previous life. If that turns out to be the case, you can simply heal your soul by dealing with a situation you could not handle then, but which is no threat to you now.  Consequently all complaints will vanish into thin air, never to recur. If you think this sounds impossible, you should realize that being guided in a soul dialogue is completely harmless, so you might as well give it a try!