For whom?

Seeking the wisdom of your soul can always help, but here are some examples of the most frequently asked questions in my practice

Feeling stuck in my ways

  • I find it difficult to find a way that honors my high sensitivity in daily life. What is stopping me?
  • I get blown over by verbal aggression. How can I guard myself?
  • It feels like everything I do is bound to fail, as if I am not allowed any success. My life never ‘takes off’.
  • I always hide from pain and sorrow, but I notice that I carry a heavy load of negative feelings.
  • It’s as if I always feel the emotions of those with me, while I am never understood by others. I feel very insecure.
  • I am stuck in my everyday life. I experience blockades and I am losing myself more and more.
  • Again and again I feel drained. At those times I am incapable to participate, in spite of the fact that I love my work. I want to know what happened in the past and leave it behind. I long for direction, I want to know my path.
  • Secretly I have been longing for death for over ten years. Where do I find the courage to go on living?
  • It’s like I can never really enjoy anything; enjoyment is not for me. I can’t sleep well and I miss purpose.
  • I feel like I should change direction, but I can’t seem to find an opening in my thoughts.
  • It’s like I am always accompanied by someone else. I don’t know that person, but she doesn’t stop interfering with my thoughts and emotions. It’s wearing me out.

Relational difficulties

  • Old patterns keep disturbing me. I feel guilty and respond by ‘working hard’; which is to say I apologize first and then I attack.
  • I met a great new partner, but I am unable to really commit. My bond with my ex is still too strong. How can I be free?
  • I hardly feel any joy being with my partner, although he protects and supports me and grants me a lot of freedom. What to do?
  • I just ended a rather stormy relationship. I know I did the right thing, but I still feel tied to him. Why do I always need to be important to someone?
  • I think I found my twin soul. Still he doesn’t want to stop seeing his ex. How can we proceed?
  • Again a partner left me; quite unexpectedly. I allowed my partner to demolish me.
  • I have no defence against my ex-partner’s lies and blaming.

Inexplicable health problems: Is it all in your head?

  • I keep suffering from all kind of pains and I have tried so many remedies. Recently I can add sleeping difficulties to my list. I want it to stop.
  • I have been a chronic pain patient for many years and of course I tried everything, but nothing helps. I feel crippled. Why am I stopped in my tracks?
  • Inexplicable pains in my neck. I fear I am not ‘good enough’. It doesn’t matter whether I exist or not.
  • I feel like someone is strangling me. It feels like a iron band around my throat.

Children (for young children I counsel the mother, not the child)

  • My child is an extreme perfectionist/ suffers from performance anxiety. What can I do to help?
  • I try to create rest and calm for my children, but it doesn’t seem to work. We all get very tired.
  • My child categorically refuses to eat any vegetables and panics if we try to force him. How can I liberate him from his fears?
  • My child is Autistic/ has Asperger’s syndrom. How can I improve the quality of life  for my child?