Unseen Helpers

My first contact
In May 2007 I happened to see two people in front of me who had no physical bodies. Yet I could see them clearly and I was surprised to see that they were helping me with great love and focus. It lasted for only a few minutes, but I was deeply moved. Such love and dedication! And: I was clearly not alone. Naturally I longed to renew the contact and to learn who they were. Now I can say that I did not only do that, but I learned to keep in touch and communicate with them on a daily basis. I call them my Unseen Helpers. Their help changed my life and it continues to change my life. Since then I also learned that lots of people have spontaneous contacts with a spirit helper or guide of some sort, if only sporadically.

Unseen Helpers are souls
In my experience most people are accompanied by at least one, but more often two souls. They can be quite close, or at some distance. They are very close when invited or spoken to. They provide us with their most developed strength of character, because that strength is exactly where we are weak. They provide us with signs and pointers, hoping to nudge us in the right direction, the direction of our purpose in life.

Building a relationship and starting an ongoing dialogue
To become more aware of all help available to us it is necessary to identify with the presence of our soul in our physical bodies. To be able to perceive the dimension of soul, we must go within. Throughout the ages, people have made contact at ethereal levels by either using hallucinative drugs or by meditating. I prefer working with guided meditation.

Benefits of soul dialogues
Learning to listen to guidance and living the life of a listener is far more rewarding than always striving for control or personal success. Allowing ourselves to be guided on our true path makes us more sensitive, more confident and we will stop wasting time and energy walking dead end streets. That in itself is a tremendous relief. Experiencing that we are never alone and always loved is empowering and fulfilling. We gain peace of mind and we become active co-creators.

Want to learn more?
If you want to know more and learn how to contact your Unseen Helpers in a safe and gentle way, I will gladly teach you. Send me an email at kornelius@souldialogues.org and we will set up a first Skype meeting (free of charge).