Soul Dialogues

If you are struggling with life, wondering why things are not going as you would like them to go, let me help you find out.

I can help you to get in touch with the one who knows: your soul.

Your soul’s perspective on life is from a higher level; from this perspective you know what the important lessons are that you need to learn and you are also fully aware of your goal in this life.

At this level you can come into contact with the souls of people who have played an important role in your life, contributing both in positive and negative ways. Such a meeting will shed light on the recurring problems you experience and you can solve the cause of any detrimental pattern. This enables you to use the energy locked up in that pattern in a new and constructive way.

I use a simple meditation technique to guide you. It is completely harmless and you stay awake and aware of what is happening  throughout; it is not hypnosis.

My counseling is in direct conversation with you; we use a Skype call to confer.


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